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Depersonalization and the Workshop

Depersonalization and the Workshop
10-15 minute writing assignment on personal object students brought to class
"Why do we write poetry?"
   -  recieve student responses
      -  for therapy?
      -  to fulfill a creative desire?
      -  to "woo?"
Eliot and Depersonalization
   -  Separation of Poet and Poem
   -  Although the poem may be created for personal reasons, it becomes isolated from the writer after its "birth"
   -  The poem is merely a thing
Community of Writers
   -  Group Poem (10-15 minutes)
   -  Workshop  Rules
      -  Check your ego at the door
      -  No defensive or offensive attitudes
      -  Focus on the text, what is actually there
      -  No friends or enemies
      -  Critical vocabulary
   -  Workshop 2 of my own bad poems
   -  Trade personal objects, allow 10-15 minutes for writing
      -  Stress the objective perspective

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