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Students will explore the importance of sound in the poem and its relation to content. Focus this session will first center around the poem as a means of enjoyment as students read such poems as "Jabberwocky" and create their own nonsensical work. Focus will then shift to the relation between sound and content.

The poem as an audible form of enjoyment
   -   Read "Jabberwocky"
      -   Discuss its merits
      -   Is such a poem enjoyable?
      -   Student writing: "The nonsense poem"
Sound as part of the organic poem
   -   Read Poe's "Ulalume"
      -   What role does sound play in the poem
      -   Is it contrived?
   -   Read "The Raven"
      -   Hand out Poe's "Composition"
      -   Discuss how Poe crafts his poem around the sound
      -   Is this a legitimate method?
The Found Poem
   -  Hand out Magazines, Textbooks, etc
      -   Find appealing SOUNDING phrases
      -   The needn't be any "connection"
      -   Explore technical language
      -   Share lines
      -   Save for the afternoon.

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